Fall Feathers: October Turkey Hunting

Story and Photos by Andrew Persson Fall is an extremely busy time for any hunter, and once the month of October hits almost all game species are being sought after by Minnesota’s sportsmen. Between chasing deer, geese, ducks, grouse and many other animals, it is hard to imagine that there is time for people to […]

Hagg-Sauer Hall Prepares for Demolition

Photos and Story by Alyssa Muench According to the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System (MnSCU), Bemidji State’s space on campus is underutilized. To resolve this issue, MnSCU suggests that Hagg-Sauer be demolished. A predesign was submitted to MnSCU in 2012, requesting sufficient funds to demolish and rebuild Hagg-Sauer because of the $6 million that […]

BSU Grad Goes Pro

Story by Josh Koop Most men who are on National Football League rosters come from big colleges with large budgets and amazing multi-million dollar facilities. Yet, sometimes you see a player make the league from a smaller school. Brian Leonhardt did not get drafted when he completed his college career here at Bemidji State University. […]

The Next Big Thing in Drop Shotting

By Samuel Moore Whether it is a new advancement in rod making, a new line of crankbaits, or a breakthrough in soft plastic scents, anglers are always looking for that extra “something” to give themselves a competitive edge. For many anglers, this means burning a hole in their pockets and getting the newest and hottest product […]

Recent News

Leaves of Change

By Calissa Treat Changing leaves, is the number one sign that autumn is here. Besides the fact that the leaves probably want to pack up and head out before layers of snow blanket them, there are other reasons why the leaves change color. There are three types of pigments that are involved with the leaves […]

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2014 Homecoming Royalty

By Whitney Jackson Bemidji State University’s Homecoming Coronation was Monday October 13, 2014 in the Beaux Arts Ballroom. Brittany Hull, a junior originally from Litchfield, Minnesota, was crowned queen just minutes before Randall Riehl, also a junior, and from Bismarck, North Dakota, was crowned king in front of the roughly 500 guests that attended the […]

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BSU Alumni for Mayor

By Dylan Rouse The time has come once again to head on down to the local polling station and cast a vote for a favorite mayoral candidate. This year’s election features two Bemidji State University Alumni. The Bemidji-raised Jorge Prince and current Mayor Rita Albrecht are both hoping for student support as they continue their […]

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Bemidji State Cheerleaders put the ‘Happy’ in Happy Birthday

By Matthew Ascher On October 1, 2014 the BSU cheerleading team attended the 18th birthday of a young boy with Hurler Syndrome. The boy, Nick Bly, is a big fan of BSU and is interested in the hockey team.  “Nick’s teacher told us how big of a fan he is of Bemidji sports, and especially […]

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Students from BSU Shared Experiences during Suicide Awareness Week

By Kelsey Jacobson     On September 18th, the first thing people noticed when entering into Hagg-Sauer were students, professors, and people from the community who showed up to the event. All the seats were filled in one of the biggest lecture halls on campus, yet there was not enough room to contain them. Some students […]

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Spotlight on Bob Hewitt

By Dylan Rouse Whether you’ve met him once or see him every day, there is something about Bob Hewitt that students say you’ll never forget. “Within the first week of college we were on a first name basis,” BSU student Melanie Simonson says. Hewitt is a part-time employee at The Lodge and The Northwoods Dining […]

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Yelawolf and Rez Rap Records to Perform at the Sanford Center

  By Alyssa Muench The rapper Yelawolf will be performing Wednesday at the Sanford Center. Opening for him will be Rez Rap Records, a rap group from Red Lake, MN. Yelawolf was born in Gadsden, Alabama with the name Michael Wayne Atha. The 34 year old hip-hop recording artist is of Cherokee and Caucasian decent. […]

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Beaver’s Basketball Coming to an End

By Sean Jones Beaver’s basketball payers recap on their 2012-2013 season, and what it was like to play in the game verses Wayne State.

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BSU in the 2014 Winter Olympics

By Dylan Rouse There were high hopes for Minnesota’s “North” stars in this year’s Olympic competitions in Sochi, Russia. Minnesota sent 19 athletes to Russia, only one olympian short of California’s contribution to Team USA. Minnesota is known for its bitterly cold winters that seemingly overshadow and outlast all of the other seasons. This being […]

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Meet Mel, Rec Center GMW

By Emilie Brouse Mel Nygaard, Athletic Equipment Manager at the Gillette Rec Center, has been a Bemidji resident since 1985 and worked on the Bemidji State University campus for 14 years. He came to Bemidji from his hometown of Minot, ND, to coach football at BSU. He coached the team from 1994- 2010, and loved […]

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