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Students from BSU Shared Experiences during Suicide Awareness Week

By Kelsey Jacobson     On September 18th, the first thing people noticed when entering into Hagg-Sauer were students, professors, and people from the community who showed up to the event. All the seats were filled in one of the biggest lecture halls on campus, yet there was not enough room to contain them. Some students […]

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Spotlight on Bob Hewitt

By Dylan Rouse Whether you’ve met him once or see him every day, there is something about Bob Hewitt that students say you’ll never forget. “Within the first week of college we were on a first name basis,” BSU student Melanie Simonson says. Hewitt is a part-time employee at The Lodge and The Northwoods Dining […]

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Meet Mel, Rec Center GMW

By Emilie Brouse Mel Nygaard, Athletic Equipment Manager at the Gillette Rec Center, has been a Bemidji resident since 1985 and worked on the Bemidji State University campus for 14 years. He came to Bemidji from his hometown of Minot, ND, to coach football at BSU. He coached the team from 1994- 2010, and loved […]

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Prepare for Your Career/Internship with Smart Social Media Use

By Emilie Brouse Molly Aitken-Julin, the Internship & Employment Coordinator at Career Services, works collaboratively with employers, students and faculty to help prepare students for their chosen career and gain employment after graduating. An integral component of her work at Career Services is helping students promote their “best self” to employers through resources like EPortfolios, […]

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So You’re an Upperclassman Living on Campus

By Alyssa Muench Living on campus in the residence halls can be a great experience, especially during freshman year. Because experiences are new, they can also be exciting, and in their first year living in the residence halls, many students meet the people who will become their life-long friends. The First Year Residential Experience Program […]

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Bemidji State Grapples with Appropriate Use of Technology

By David Teeples Just as the semester began, rumors of a proposed policy that would ban “electronic communication devices” in the classroom sparked an online petition and a conversation throughout campus.  Student Senate co-president Kari Cooper began an online petition on that gained 147 supporters and a lengthy response from University Provost and Vice […]

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Changes in the Eurospring Program

By David Teeples Eurospring, Bemidji State’s longest running study abroad program is cutting the popular European tour portion and the credit hours awarded amid accreditation concerns. The International Studies Council made the decision early in this fall. The change significantly lowers the cost of the trip for students and students are being encouraged to take […]

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English Professor Lauren Cobb Publishes First Book

| By Joe Vito Moubry | Professor Lauren Cobb’s book first book, Boulevard Women was recently published on December 1st. Cobb’s book centers around stories of three women who live on the Boulevard of Athens, Georgia: a teenage girl, a mid-aged widow, and a spencer. Cobb, who lived in Athens for six years herself prior […]

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Popular Twitter Page Leaves ResLife Concerned

By Alex Schlee The Internet has spawned all manner of strange and popular viral movements, ranging from planking to school confessions to the Harlem Shake. It seems the latest viral spree to sweep over the college crowd has been “passout pages” on Twitter. Tallying up at 239 followers, Bemidji’s own Twitter passout page, @bemidjipassouts, has […]

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Bemidji State University Sustainability Office

| By Emily Bouse | Bemidji State University (BSU)’s north woods campus on the lake serves as a visible reminder of the value and importance of preserving the natural world. Many of BSU’s students work to stay in tune with and care for the cherished north woods, as well as for the conservation of the […]

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